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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Can be flexibly matched according to customer requirements, and a variety of combinations
  • The filtering equipment has few wearing parts, no consumables, and simple operation and management
  • Self-cleaning continuous flow, low water consumption
  • Easy to install and clean, free of maintenance
  • Automatically carry out backwashing work according to the pressure difference

Product Details

What is the sand filter?

     FSY sand filter uses a certain thickness of sand filter bed to filter out organic and inorganic solid suspended solids, colloidal particles, microorganisms, etc. in the raw water, and finally achieves a high-efficiency filtration equipment that reduces water turbidity and purifies water. The structure is simple, the technology is mature, the cost performance is high, and the application field is wide.

    The FSY sand filter filtration system can be composed of one or more standard high-speed filtration units. The raw water passes through the internal water distributor, filter layer and water collector. The filter layer medium is used to effectively remove suspended solids and reduce turbidity. (If it is loaded with a specific filter material, such as activated carbon, anthracite, etc., it can also adsorb and remove the corresponding organic matter and harmful ions.)


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