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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Efficient backwash function, effectively saving time
  • Precise filtration system, can reach 120 mesh filtration effect
  • Fully automatic control (no manual operation required), continuous filtration
  • Low operating cost, reliable operation and long service life of the system
  • Backwashing time only takes 7-30 seconds to complete

Product Details

Principle of disc filter:

The water flow enters through the water inlet of the filter, and the filter cartridge piston presses the laminations; when the water flow enters the filter and contacts the plastic tangential direction of the centrifugal disc, the centrifugal effect produced will throw the water carrying large particles of impurities on the filter. On the inner wall, it is concentrated on the top of the filter, and the water with less impurities then contacts the filter lamination, which greatly reduces the cleaning frequency required for the lamination.

The effect of water saving and equipment maintenance is simpler.


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