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Patch drip irrigation tape

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Flat emitter drip irrigation belt is an integrated drip irrigation belt with flat emitter embedded on the inner wall of pipe belt, which is widely used in greenhouse, field and cash crop irrigation.
  • The dripper is integrated with pipe belt, which is easy to install and use, low cost and low investment.
  • The dripper has a self filtering window with good anti clogging performance.
  • Labyrinth flow passage is used to compensate pressure.
  • The distance between drippers can be determined according to the requirements of users.

Product Details

     Installation method

The water for drip irrigation is generally regulated, filtered and fertilized through the head hub, then through the main pipe and branch pipe, and finally drips to the root of the plant by the drip irrigation belt.

The installation of drip irrigation belt is divided into the following steps:

a. Drilling in the branch pipe

In PE pipe, PVC pipe and branch pipe of water conveyance belt, special drilling tools shall be used for drilling

b. The water pipe is connected to the drip irrigation belt

As shown in the figure, a special bypass is used to connect the water delivery branch pipe with the drip irrigation tape.

c. Cleaning and head

After the drip irrigation belt and water pipe are installed according to steps 1 and 2, the water delivery valve shall be opened for flushing, and the impurity particles remaining in the system and drip irrigation belt shall be washed off. Finally, the end of the drip irrigation belt shall be rolled and folded twice, and the end shall be sealed with the cut drip irrigation head. The plug can also be used to seal directly

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