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Intelligent automatic fertilizer applicator

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Automatic fertilizer applicator / Water fertilizer integrated machine / Hydroponic machine

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • This product has beautiful appearance and powerful function; Irrigation mode: District circulation, fixed time and quantitative.
  • 10 inch high quality touch screen control, animation dazzle beautiful, vivid, beautiful and generous, easy to operate.
  • The s7-200smart high performance PLC is used as the control unit, which makes the fertilization control more accurate and the failure rate is lower.
  • The product extends 20 channels of solenoid valve in irrigation area, and several channels of solenoid valve can be expanded according to user's demand;
  • The pH and EC values of fertilizer buckle were monitored in real time, and the fertilizer concentration and pH value were adjusted automatically.

Product Details

Equipment composition:

A.high pressure self-priming pump 

B. PE anti-corrosion material mixing barrel, capacity 500L, with mixing function, Mixer power 0.75KW 

C. high speed solenoid valve, 

D. pulse flowmeter (instantaneous flow)

E. manual flow control valve, 

F. scale visual float flowmeter (cumulative flow) 

G. Venturi water jet, 

H. timing and quantitative fertilization,

 I. control cabinet and touch screen operation box (control cabinet for resin material, anti-aging, high safety coefficient).

J.PH.EC sensor

Technical parameters: 

A.working power supply: three-phase 380V / AC; 

B.fertilizer absorption power of fertilizer applicator: 1.1KW; 

C.three channel fertilizer absorption, single channel fertilizer absorption amount: 500 ~ 600L / h D. inlet and outlet of fertilizer applicator: DN25; 

D.maximum fertilizer injection pressure: 6kg

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