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Five Advantages Of Products

  • It has strong adaptability to the change of water pressure.
  • The flow rate is smaller without loss of resistance performance.
  • More uniform flow.
  • The arrow body is small and easy to be concealed. The hair tube connected with the drop arrow is very soft and not easy to break.
  • Drop arrow and hair tube socket connection, socket and spigot fit closely, arrow is not easy to fall off.

Product Details

1. Shape features of drop-down arrow:

The drop arrow is composed of water distributor, 4 / 7 tube and drop arrow;

The water outlet of water separator is connected with one end of 4 / 7 pipe made of PE material;

The other end of 4 / 7 tube is connected with drop arrow.

2. Performance parameters:

a. Labyrinth long channel arrow handle structure, diaphragm type steady flow emitter, double guarantee, to ensure uniform water outlet.  

b. Unique diversion disc, infiltration irrigation.  

c. Single arrow, double arrow and four arrow are provided randomly, which is convenient for construction.  

d. Flow rate: 1.6-3 L / h.  

e. It is the most suitable irrigator for potted flowers, potted plants and seedlings

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