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Automatic filter for greenhouse

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Automatically sense the clogging of the filter screen and perform automatic anti-cleaning work at any time
  • Exquisite appearance, baking varnish technology is used, the patent leather is not easy to fall off and rust
  • Water inlet and outlet can be matched with a variety of main pipe sizes, convenient and fast connection
  • The filtration accuracy is more than 120 meshes
  • High cost performance, suitable for various drip irrigation systems

Product Details

Product Name: Double sand filter


Tank diameter: 600mm - 1200mm


Inlet and outlet size: Can be customized


Discharge capacity: 60-240m³  / h


Packing: wooden case


Applicable water source:River water / pond water / well water / reservoir and other water sources with more floating objects


Application: field irrigation, vegetable / Corn Irrigation, greenhouse irrigation,Orchard irrigation




The backwashing system is simple, without backwashing pump, easy to operate, so that the system can maintain consistent filtering effect


Full automatic operation, each filter unit in the system will be backwashed in turn, and the water production will not be interrupted during backwashing


Uniform distribution of water cap, uniform distribution of water, no dead corner in backwashing, high backwashing efficiency, short backwashing time and less water consumption


The system covers a small area and is light in weight, and can flexibly arrange the arrangement of filter units according to the actual land use


The inside and outside of the filter tank and the pipeline are not sprayed with electrostatic powder; it is resistant to sewage erosion and ultraviolet radiation

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