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What are the main components of drip irrigation system?

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Drip irrigation system is a new agricultural technology that combines irrigation and fertilization, and water-saving irrigation machinery and equipment is the technical support to complete agricultural water-saving irrigation. FSY Water Saving Technology Co., Ltd. developed water-saving irrigation machinery and equipment: greenhouse intelligent water fertilizer integrated machine, column type multi-stage pump, automatic back cleaning laminated filter device, farmland pipe network system and fertilizer control machine.

The intelligent water and fertilizer machine in greenhouse is one of the water-saving irrigation machines. Its function is to precisely control the water injection and fertilizer injection of farmland. The equipment is equipped with wireless network card, which can be connected with mobile phone wirelessly. The actual total amount of water injection and fertilizer injection can be sent to the mobile phone interface in real time. Customers can view the operation information of greenhouse water-saving irrigation machinery and equipment online through mobile phone. 

      The automatic reverse cleaning laminated filter device is an instrument to complete the impurity filtration system in water and fertilizer. It also has the function of surface interception and deep collection, which improves the effect of the filtration system. It is fully automatic and continuous operation with low automatic water consumption. It can automatically switch the working and backwashing States to ensure continuous water output and low system pressure loss.

Farmland pipeline network system is also an important equipment in drip irrigation system, which is mainly used in water-saving irrigation technology. Farmland pipeline network system mainly includes PVC / PE water supply pipe, pipe joint, direct, elbow, tee, butterfly valve, gate valve, etc.

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