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Irrigation system: Why you need a filter?

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It is well known that there is at least one filter in every irrigation system, and even many filters in some systems. Many people have asked me, my water quality is clean and free of impurities, so I don't need to install a filter. On the surface, it is true. But in order for your irrigation system to be used stably for a long time, I want to say, no, you must have it.

In order to ensure the greatest water saving and the best irrigation effect, the water outlets of irrigation emitters and sprinklers we use now are relatively small. Although they have been designed with filtering settings in mind and added, they still cannot avoid blocking after long-term use. Therefore, the filter plays an important role in irrigation system, and it is essential.

How the filter works:

When the filter works, the water to be filtered enters the pipeline through the pressurizing equipment and flows into the filter, and then the particulate impurities in the water are intercepted by the filter screen, while the filtered water flows out from the outlet of the filter.


Here are some filters we often use: 

1.Y-shaped mesh filtermesh filter

Size: 1 ", 1.5", 2 "

Color: Black

Filtration flow rate: 6-20 m3/h


Low price, it can be used alone or with other filters

Easy to install without power supply

The filter screen is easy to clean and replace

Small size, easy to shipping

Scope of application: It is suitable for irrigation systems such as greenhouse planting, vegetable planting, nursery garden with good water quality.

2. Sandstone filter Sandstone Filter

Tank diameter: 600mm/800mm/1000mm/1200mm

Outlet: 2 "/2. 5"/3 "/4"

Color: Black/Red

Filtration flow rate: 50-350m3/h


Strong adaptability, can be installed indoors and outdoors

It has the good anticorrosion performance and long service life

Large amount of filtered water and fast flow rate

It can be equipped with an automatic backwashing function without manual cleaning of the filter screen

Even in the backwashing state, the equipment will not stop supplying water to ensure the normal use of the irrigation system

Scope of application: It is suitable for various irrigation systems with more suspended solids or impurities, such as open field irrigation and fruit tree irrigation.

3. Laminated filters

Outlet Size: 2 "/2.5"/3 "/4"

Color: Red/Black

Filtration flow rate: 50-270m3/h

Combination: 2 Groups/3 Groups/4 Groups (can be customized according to customer requirements)


Flexible structure, can be freely matched according to needs

Stable filtration performance

It can be used alone or with other products at the same time

Easy to install

Simple operation and convenient maintenance

Scope of application: It can be used with net filter and sand filter for better effect, and is suitable for various irrigation systems.

There are many kinds of filters on the market. It's really difficult for you to choose. You just need to choose one, include your requirements. FSYDRIP has always focused on producing filters, fertilizers and other products. If you need it, please contact us to get it Free consultation and quotation.

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