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Advantages and disadvantages of fengshengyuan embedded cylindrical drip irrigation pipe

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Drip irrigation pipe is a kind of plastic product that uses plastic pipe to send water (liquid fertilizer or pesticide, etc.) to the root of crops for local irrigation through the cylindrical pressure compensation dripper on the irrigation capillary.

Important irrigation products in drip irrigation system with drip irrigation pipe, According to the requirements of crop water demand, through the low-pressure pipe network and the emitter (drip irrigation pipe emitter) installed on the capillary, the water and nutrients needed by the crop are dripped into the soil at the root of the crop evenly and slowly. The leakage, volatilization and waste in the process of water and fertilizer transportation are avoided, and the water and fertilizer can be saved to the greatest extent and the cost can be reduced.

( 1 )  Advantages of drip irrigation pipe:

1.The drip irrigation pipe is light in weight and easy to arrange and collect in the field.

2. The distance between drip heads can be adjusted according to the needs of users.

3. The drip irrigation pipe has good mechanical strength and is easy to be laid by mechanized operation.

4. Drip irrigation pipe is suitable for field crops, greenhouse vegetables and fruit trees planting and so on.

5. Drip irrigation pipes use new materials, high strength, corrosion resistance and anti-aging.

6. Drip irrigation pipe can be applied with water and fertilizer, improve fertilizer utilization rate, save labor and fertilizer.

7. The results show that the water saving effect of drip irrigation pipe is more than 85%, the energy saving is more than 65%, and the yield is increased by more than 30%.

( 2 ).   Characteristics of drip irrigation pipe:

1. The inner cylindrical drip irrigation pipe emitter is one-time injection molding, with a wide and long flow channel, with filter window, strong anti clogging performance.

2. The water flow of the inner cylindrical drip irrigation pipe is full turbulent flow, the uniformity of water outlet is good, the emitter is directly welded on the inner wall of the drip irrigation pipe, the pressure and head loss are small, and the irrigation precision is high.

3. Different specifications of drip irrigation pipes are suitable for different irrigation conditions and can meet the needs of different customers.

4. The inner cylindrical drip irrigation pipe has the advantages of low price, reliable quality, good irrigation effect, convenient installation, transportation and use. It is an economic water-saving irrigation product, which is very suitable for the development of precision agriculture.

( 3 ), Application of drip irrigation pipe

1. Drip irrigation pipe is widely used in greenhouse, greenhouse, field crops, especially for vegetables, fruits, flowers, nursery, landscaping and other economic crops.

2. Drip irrigation pipe is very suitable for irrigation of greenhouse, field crops and garden fruit trees in areas where water resources and labor are scarce.

( 4 )  ,  Model and specification of drip irrigation pipe

Shandong FSY Water Saving Technology Co., Ltd. produces the inlaid drip irrigation pipe with a diameter of 16mm. There are many models of wall thickness and emitter spacing, so the price of different diameter, wall thickness and emitter spacing is also different.

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