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5 things your supplier will not tell you about drip tape product knowledge?

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Hello everyone, today I'd like to introduce to you the product drip irrigation tape that we often use.


Because the drip irrigation tape is cheap and easy to install, it has become the most farmer's first choice. But do you know the advantages and disadvantages of drip irrigation tape? And how to correctly choose the drip irrigation tape suitable for you, today we will explain in detail the composition, advantages and disadvantages of drip irrigation tape and its application scope.

  1. Raw materials       

    Drip irrigation tape is extruded PE polyethylene particles, PE polyethylene particles (hereinafter referred to as PE particles) are divided into new materials and recycled materials.How can we determine whether the products we receive are made of new materials or recycled materials?There are several methods:

    a. Glossiness    

    The surface of the new drip irrigation tape is smooth and black, while the surface of the collected drip irrigation tape is white and uneven.



    b. Resilience     

    The drip irrigation tape made of new materials is easy to stretch and not easy to break. On the contrary, the drip irrigation tape of recycled materials will break as soon as it is pulled, and it has no toughness.However, most drip irrigation tapes on the market are made by mixing recycled PE particles and new PE particles in proportion.


    2. Production process     

    70% of recovered PE particles and 30% of new PE particles are mixed in proportion, dried by a machine, dissolved and extruded.The built-in patch emitter is injection molded by new PE particles, and then hot pressed to form the built-in drip irrigation tape.

    3.Advantages and disadvantages


    a. The emitter is built in, which is convenient to lay and saves installation time

    b. that emitter is provided with an ultra-long filt window, so that the anti-blockage performance is good

    c. that distance between the emitter is flexibly adjusted, and the application range is wided. Light weight and easy transportatione.

    d.Cheap price

    Disadvantages:Short service life


    4.Product Parameters     

    The thickness of drip irrigation tape is generally 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm and 0.4 mm; The length of each roll is 1 km or 2 km; The emitter spacing is 15 cm, 20 cm and 30 cm; Flow 1.38 L/H, 2 L/H, 4 L/H.     

    The most commonly used products are products with a thickness of 0.2 mm, a spacing of 20 cm, a flow rate of 2 L/H and a length of 2000m/roll. Of course, if the crops you grow are special, you can also choose to customize the emitter spacing and thickness. (Fengshengyuan Water Saving Provides Customized Services)     

    The service life of drip irrigation belts is generally one year. As the service life of drip irrigation belts varies with the environment, temperature and water quality in each place, after long-term use, individual emitters may be blocked or some products may be damaged and leaking. Therefore, most people will replace them after a few months or one year of use.

    5.Application Scope     

    Due to its low price, convenient installation and uniform water discharge, drip irrigation tape is generally applied to short-term planting places such as vegetable planting, flower nurseries, gardens, etc. If you need a longer service life, I suggest you use drip irrigation pipe.

    TIPS for installation:  Pay attention to the upward water outlet during laying to avoid blockage.


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