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3 hot sales products for nursery irrigation

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It's really not easy to choose a reliable sprinklers or drippers among many suppliers. But don't worry. For a company with 20 years experience in irrigation field. We will help you choose the suitable irrigation sprinklers for your nursery farm. Today we will recomend 3 hot sales products for nursery irrigation system, the detail as follows:

Drip Irrigation Arrows


What is drip irrigation arrow?

drip arrow is an important part of drip irrigation system, which is composed of single arrow, double arrow and four arrow. Arrow has two kinds of curved drop and straight drop, which can be set according to the needs of the project.

1.Shape characteristics of drip arrow:

The drip arrow is composed of water distributor, 3/5mm PVC tube and drip arrow;

The water outlet of water separator is connected with one end of 4 / 7 pipe made of PE material; the other end of 3/5 tube is connected with drip arrow.

2. Performance parameter:

a. Labyrinth long channel arrow handle structure, diaphragm type steady flow emitter, double guarantee, to ensure uniform water outlet. 

b. Unique diversion disc, infiltration irrigation. 

c. Single arrow, double arrow and four arrow are provided randomly, which is convenient for construction. 

d. Flow rate: 1.6-3 L / h. 

e. It is the most suitable irrigator for potted flowers, potted plants and seedlings

3. Characteristic:

a. It has strong adaptability to the change of water pressure.

b. The flow rate is smaller without loss of resistance performance.

c. More uniform flow.

d. The arrow body is small and easy to be concealed. The hair tube connected with the drop arrow is very soft and not easy to break.

e. Drop arrow and hair tube socket connection, socket and spigot fit closely, arrow is not easy to fall off.

f. Easy to install and use.

g.High water saving efficiency and low operation cost.

4. Product application:

a. Used in fruit tree, vineyard, greenhouse, seedling, garden

b. Irrigation method in complex terrain area

c. Suitable for Soilless and intermittent irrigation

d. Prevent excessive water accumulation in low-lying areas

5. Installation

The following video will teach you how to connect drip irrigation arrow with PE/pvc Pipes

8 Holes Adjustable Dripper


1.Technical Parameter:

Product Name: adjustable dripper

Color: blue, black

Flow rate: 1L / h-70L / h

Spraying distance: 30cm-100cm

Pressure compensation range: 0.8bar-0.35bar


It is easy to use and can be adjusted by rotating the cover.

The flow rate is adjustable and suitable for any crop irrigation.

Good starting and anti clogging performance.

Flexible and convenient, dripper can be installed on various specifications of hard pipe.


It can be used alone or with 4/7pvc Tube and Stake. It is most commonly used in irrigation projects such as flower pots, apple trees, peach trees, and landscape trees.

Adjustable Garden Fog Sprinkler


Product Name:Adjustable Garden Fog Sprinkler


1.Technical Parameter



work pressure:1-3bar                    

spray distance:0-1.5m                     



Easy to install and easy to adjust

Large flow, can be matched with pipes of different diameters

You can choose atomized spraying or raindrop spraying according to your needs

Wide range of applications, whether you are a family garden or a large farm can be used


Commonly used for home garden irrigation, lawn irrigation, large pot irrigation, potted irrigation, etc.


You can install your garden atomizing irrigation sprinkler by yourself as shown in the picture below:


5.Application video

The following is its application video for your reference:

The above three types are FSYDRIP's popular nursery garden irrigation sprinklers and drippers. If you find this knowledge useful, please follow us. We regularly release knowledge about irrigation systems.

If you have any questions you don’t understand, please feel free to contact us.

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